Once you have set up yanc using this link, we now need to run yanc filesystem, yanc-of-adapter and mininet.

Go to yanc folder and run the following command:

$ ./yanc -f /net

This will mount the yanc filesystem under /net directory.

Open new terminal. Go to <path-to-yanc>/apps/of-adapter and run following command:

$ ./yanc-of-adapter /net unix:path=/var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket -vvv

This will start yanc-of-adapter at port 6633 on the localhost. It will use unix:path=/var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket as the D-Bus for IPC (read about D-Bus here).

Now we will create a simple topology using mininet. Open a new terminal and go to <path-to-mininet>/bin to find mininet executable called mn. Run following command:

# mn –controller=remote,ip=,port=6633

Note: You must have root privileges to run above command.

Mininet is now running with the topology depicted in the below figure:



Great! You just completed the 2nd tutorial of the series. Will be back with more awesome stuff shortly. Stay tuned.




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